November 21, 2021

Botanical Water Technologies to give clean drinking water to 100 million of the world’s most vulnerable people by 2025

Botanical Water Technologies to give clean drinking water to 100 million of the world’s most vulnerable people by 2025

A recently announced partnership between Botanical Water Technologies and Fujitsu to build the world’s first Botanical Water trading platform.


Terry Paule - Co Founder & CEO of Botanical Water Technologies.

''The opportunity to create 3 trillion litres of a new sustainable source of water made from plants which can be traded on our exchange as drinking, ingredient and offset water is a world first."

With global water supplies under severe pressure from climate change and growing worldwide demand, Botanical Water Technologies (BWT) and Fujitsu signed an agreement and initiated the creation of a blockchain-based water trading platform, “Botanical Water Exchange" (BWX), on November 8, 2021. BWX will help businesses achieve sustainability goals and alleviate water shortages through the development of the world's first plant-based water trading platform.

BWT leverages its patented technology to filter and purify water from vegetables, fruits and sugarcane that is normally discarded during the concentration process. Globally, products such as tomato paste, concentrated fruit juices or sugar waste trillions of liters of water through evaporation during production. The opportunity also provides plant-derived purified water to areas where it often proves difficult to secure and clean drinking water.

The new BWX platform will rely on the FUJITSU Track and Trust service, which uses blockchain technology to ensure end-to-end transparency and traceability of processes including the refinement, sales, purchase, delivery, and usage of the product. With a planned launch date of mid-2022, both companies envisage the new BWX platform contributing to the realization of greater transparency and security in water trading, and ultimately aim to create an open market in which companies including juice concentration facilities, sugar mills, alcohol distilleries and beverage manufacturers can trade in water purified by the patented Botanical Water process.

Terry Paule, Co-Founder and CEO at Botanical Water Technologies comments, “water scarcity and contamination is a global problem. The opportunity to create up to 3 trillion liters of a new sustainable source of water made from plants which can be traded on our Botanical Water Exchange as drinking, ingredient and offset water is a world first. Most importantly, 1% of all water traded on the exchange will be gifted to the world’s poorest people and positively impact millions of lives.”

Frederik De Breuck, Head of the FUJITSU Track and Trust Solution Center comments, “Our new blockchain solution, the FUJITSU Track and Trust service, has been developed and launched at the FUJITSU Track and Trust Solution Center in Belgium. To realize the ground-breaking initiative of net-zero water trading with BWT, we have proposed a private and permissioned blockchain-based platform that leverages the Track and Trust solution. With this solution at the core, our multidisciplinary team continues to build blockchain solutions that support the realization of our customers' management visions and the optimal resolution of global social issues under a global structure of co-creation and collaboration with our bases in India, the United Kingdom, and Japan.


According to the UN, about four billion people – nearly half of the global population – experience severe water scarcity during at least one month of the year. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030 recognize the urgency of addressing this water scarcity.

Amid growing interest in the environment and the SDGs, beverage manufacturers are focusing their efforts on reducing the environmental impact of their business through actions like the reduction of CO2 emissions, the conservation of water sources, and the reduction of water consumption at production facilities.

About Botanical Water Technologies (BWT)

BWT is positively impacting water scarcity by providing a new source of drinkable, sustainable, plant-based water for communities and environmental projects. BWT have been harvesting water in Australia, during sugar milling and vegetable processing seasons for a number of years. With principal partnerships in operation with Sunshine Sugar/Manildra in New South Wales and Kagome Australia in Victoria. A portion of the water harvested is used for BWT’s own retail brand, AquaBotanical, still and sparkling bottled water sold through leading restaurants and hotels and national grocery retailers in Australia and USA. Remaining water is distributed to food and beverage manufacturers as ingredient water and provided to social and environmental projects.

About Botanical Water Exchange (BWX)

The new BWX platform will deliver unprecedented supply chain traceability using blockchain technology. Juice concentration facilities, sugar mills, and alcohol distilleries equipped with BWT’s equipment will be able to purify water that would otherwise be discarded during the production process. Manufacturers can sell this plant-derived water to other food and beverage manufacturers on the BWX platform or put it into circular use at their own facility.

Companies that want to use Botanical Water in their factories can purchase it via the BWX platform from the nearest Botanical Water refinery. In this way, companies can lower transportation costs, reduce the environmental footprint of their operations, and ultimately contribute to the achievement of both carbon and water neutrality targets through this new water source.

By purchasing “water credits” that can be redeemed on the BWX platform, companies can also donate the same amount of water consumed at their facilities to reduce their environmental impact to zero as part of their water positive ESG and corporate compliance programs.

Companies that use a large amount of water can offset this water by purchasing water credits, allowing them to achieve their ESG goals and provide clean drinking water to the world’s most vulnerable people.

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