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Mission statement

Botanical Water Technologies to give clean drinking water and positively impact 100 million of the world's most vulnerable people by 2025.

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3 trillion
Litres of botanical water currently discarded annually
Shortfall in global water supply is projected by 2030
3.5 million
People die every year from water-related diseases
200 million
Hours spent by women and children collecting water daily
Who We Are

We are positively impacting the planet

Botanical Water Technologies is positively impacting water scarcity by providing a new source of drinkable, sustainable, plant-sourced water for social and environmental projects.

We harvest water that naturally occurs in sugar cane, fruit and vegetable, which is used for the company's own retail brand, AquaBotanical Water. Botanical Water is distributed for retail (AquaBotanical Water), ingredient (for beverage companies) as well as social and environmental impact projects.

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The vision

Changing the world

"It is a game changer. We can now attach our patents and our processes to existing infrastructure, so we don't grow fruit and vegetables to make water, we attach our technology to industries that use a large evaporative process, we catch that water, purify it, and we create the world's most sustainable water."

Terry Paule
Founder and CEO
of Botanical Water Technologies

"Think big, scale, but scale fast enough. That’s where I want Botanical Water and the Exchange to be, to really accelerate, create momentum and go for it, because this can make a difference."

Frederik De Breuck
Chief Digital Officer / CTO Fujitsu Belgium, Head of the Enterprise Blockchain Solution Centre at Fujitsu Global

''We are proud to partner with Botanical Water Technologies and become the first company to grow plant-sourced drinking water in America. California is facing a water crisis and we are honoured to be making a difference.''

Greg Pruett
CEO at Ingomar Packing Company

''Water is fundamental, not just to human life, but for everything that we create. Water is a wicked problem, and wicked problems require all stakeholders to come together and solve them.''

Will Sarni
Founder and CEO Water Foundry
and Colorado River Basin Fund
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Our patented technology harvests the water naturally stored in plants to create the world's most sustainable water.

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What we do

We've created an ecosystem

Our ecosystem enables the delivery of Botanical Water via a trusted blockchain water trading platform, powered by Fujitsu, allowing us to positively impact people and the planet.

The new platform tackles global water scarcity experienced by nearly two-thirds of the worldwide population and aims to realize sustainable, circular water usage where participants can gift potable water to social and environmental projects, which empowers organizations to make a real impact and achieve their ESG goals.

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Why WE DO it

Working with us toward net-zero

Water is the next net-zero target. Many companies have pledged to replenish more water than they use in their direct operations by 2030. There are limited options for these companies to find the water to replenish. Botanical Water Technologies can assist corporates in becoming Water Positive and meeting their Sustainable Development Goals. The facilitation of this process occurs through the acquisition of Water Impact Credits, generated when potable water is delivered to communities and locations via accredited Social and Environmental Impact Programs.

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our process

How it works

Existing Processors

Partnering with world-leading engineers and fabricators to deliver our patented technology (within a non-invasive 40-ft container) to up to 10,000 fruit, vegetable and sugar mill processors globally. This can create up to 3 trillion litres of Botanical Water.

Water Harvesting Units

Harvesting the water that naturally occurs in  fruit, vegetable, and sugar cane. This water is then filtered and purified, becoming the world's most sustainable water.

Botanical Water Exchange (BWX)

BWX has created an ecosystem that enables the harvesting, purification, and delivery of botanical water via a trusted blockchain water trading platform (BWX) to positively impact people and the planet.


Providing access to clean and safe drinking water to vulnerable communities around the world.

our projects

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California, USA
California, USA
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Victoria, AUS
Victoria, AUS
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New South Wales, AUS
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It’s an exciting time in the water industry

June 14, 2023
Case Study: Fujitsu and Botanical Water Technologies create the world's first global water trading platform using Hyperledger Fabric
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Water scarcity is a global challenge affecting millions of people. According to the United Nations half of the world's population, approximately 4 billion people, face severe water shortages for at least one month every year. It's a critical issue that demands immediate attention and innovative solutions. Enter Botanical Water Technologies from Australia, a trailblazing company committed to water recovery and sustainability.

February 10, 2023
This is why we can't dismiss water scarcity in the US
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US corporations are urged to address water scarcity issues in the United States as well as in developing countries at the upcoming United Nations Water Conference in March, 2023.

November 28, 2022
Impacting the world with clean drinking water and blue transparency
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Enhancing transparency and trust for impact projects by using blockchain technology and internationally recognized environmental frameworks.

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