California, USA

California, USA

Project Launch Date: July 2022

Project Location: Los Banos, California, USA


Processor: Ingomar Packing Company


Harvesting Season Duration: Jul –Sept (90 days)

Volume of Potable Water Created / Available: 1 billion litres (~260,000 gallons) of potable water

About the Processor: Ingomar Packing Company is a producer of premium quality California Tomato Paste. Since 1983, Ingomar has been driven by a single purpose: to focus all their resources and experience on growing, processing and packaging the highest quality tomato paste in the world. The majority of the tomatoes that are processed to make their paste are drawn from fields cultivated by their owners. They control and manage every step of the production process to meet the most exacting standards including NTSS, Bostwick, Serum Viscosity, and colour.



Customers: Mendota, Firebaugh, Los Banos, Gustine, Newman and Crows Landing

Positive Water Impact: Ingredient, Impact and Reuse

Social Water Benefits:

- Community water (e.g.- mobile home parks and schools)

- Providing water to private household water storage tanks

Environmental Water Benefits:

- Water to be reused by food processors for agriculture and future production, creating a circular economy rather than further depleting finite resources

- Environmental projects, consumed by people, and used for WASH projects (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)

- Groundwater and municipal water replenishment

About the Customer(s): The Californian drought is affecting millions of people across the state. With water now inadequate for agricultural, wildlife and urban needs, the capabilities of farmers, fishermen, business owners and residents are being affected. Reservoirs are extremely low, and hydropower is restricted due to the continuing harsh and dry conditions.


News Coverage

CBS News - Tapping tomatoes: Central Valley  making drinking water from tomatoes

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