June 14, 2023

Case Study: Fujitsu and Botanical Water Technologies create the world's first global water trading platform using Hyperledger Fabric

Case Study: Fujitsu and Botanical Water Technologies create the world's first global water trading platform using Hyperledger Fabric

Water is the Most Precious Resource: Innovating for a Sustainable Future.

Water scarcity is a global challenge affecting millions of people. According to the United Nations half of the world's population, approximately 4 billion people, face severe water shortages for at least one month every year. It's a critical issue that demands immediate attention and innovative solutions.

Enter Botanical Water Technologies (BWT) from Australia, a trailblazing company committed to water recovery and sustainability. BWT has discovered a way to reclaim the water typically wasted during the production of alcohol, juice, ketchup, and sugar. Astoundingly, they estimate that a staggering 3 trillion liters of water are wasted annually through these processes.

To bring this vision to life, BWT collaborated with Fujitsu to develop the world-first Botanical Water Exchange (BWX). This secure exchange platform tracks every drop of water from producer to end consumer, powered by the renowned open-source framework for enterprise blockchains, Hyperledger Fabric. With the BWX exchange, producers and buyers can seamlessly trade water while also managing production planning, logistics planning, and value chain management.

The BWX exchange went live in the second quarter of 2022 and is currently undergoing comprehensive testing of all its functions and features with select partners in the United States, Australia, and India. The platform facilitates the seamless trade of water and ensures transparency and traceability throughout the entire process. In fact, it interfaces with water harvesting units (WHUs) to monitor over 170 touch points and sensors per unit, enabling audit and certification purposes.

The Hyperledger Foundation team has actively collaborated with Fujitsu and BWT on this case study, contributing to the development of the business plan, technical requirements, and implementation details. The study also outlines plans to expand the network and ecosystem, including the creation of a real-time wall display. This display will quantify the amount of water harvested and delivered, showcasing the positive impact on people and the environment.

BWT's ambitious goal is to deliver clean and safe drinking water and positively impact 100 million of the world's most vulnerable people by 2025, making a significant difference in their lives and helping combat water scarcity and contamination.

Read the full case study here.

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