June 16, 2022

Plant-sourced water has plan to raise $15 million to fight water scarcity

Plant-sourced water has plan to raise $15 million to fight water scarcity

A UK based green technology company is making waves, but not how you’d normally think.

NEWS PROVIDED BY Botanical Water Technologies June 16, 2022, 07:20 GMT

Botanical Water Technologies has created the process of harvesting water, which is naturally stored in fruit, vegetables and sugar cane creating the world’s first plant-sourced water. In collaboration with Fujitsu, they are building the Botanical Water Exchange (BWX), a blockchain-based water trading platform.

The BWX platform provides a frictionless way to gift water for environmental and philanthropic impact projects, meet corporate ESG targets through the purchase of water impact credits (WICs) and can offer sustainable solutions for regional and global FMCG food producers wanting to re-use or utilize this water as an ingredient or as part of their production process.

Botanical Water Technologies has commenced raising $15m in capital and targeting strategic investors that are focused on innovation and sustainability to help reach their goal of impacting 100 million of the world’s most vulnerable people by 2025 by providing clean drinking water.

Founder and CEO Terry Paule said ‘’We now have the opportunity to create 3 trillion litres of a new sustainable source of water made from plants which can be traded on our exchange as drinking and ingredient or gifted as impact water’’.

The company has been backed by commercial partners including Fujitsu, Process Partners, Kagome, Sunshine Sugar and Ingomar Packing Company and has previously received early-stage investment from the Liveris and Paule Family Offices. Findex have been appointed as corporate advisors.

Chief Digital Officer and Head of the Enterprise Blockchain Solution Centre at Fujitsu Global, Frederik De Breuck believes ‘’this can make a difference’’.

With severe water scarcity being experienced by about 4 billion people at least one month per year, Botanical Water Technologies has the potential to impact millions of lives around the world.

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