New South Wales, AUS

New South Wales, AUS

Project Launch Date: November 2019

Project Location: Condong, New South Wales, AUS – two additional sites in Broadwater, New South Wales, AUS and Harwood, New South Wales, AUS



Processor: Sunshine Sugar  

Crop(s): Sugar Cane

Harvesting Season Duration: June– November (180 days)

Volume of Potable Water Created / Available: 140 to 150 million litres available per year (across 3 sites) 

About the Processor: Sunshine Sugar is a partnership between the grower-owned NSW Sugar Milling Co-operative and the Australian family-owned business, Manildra Group. They own and operate sugar mills at Harwood, Broadwater and Condong and a refinery co-located at the Harwood site. Their growers can produce up to 2.4 million tonnes of sugar cane each year from34,000 hectares of land. Sunshine Sugar is the only 100% Australian owned manufacturer of locally grown, certified sustainable, raw and refined sugar products.



Customers: AquaBotanical Water

Positive Water Impact: Ingredient and Impact

Commercial Benefits:

- Business diversification – adding to the bottom line when crops are affected

- Opportunity to make use of evaporative condensate by-product, which comes at an expense to the business

- Reputationally valuable as local communities are affected by drought and mining

- Opportunity to contribute toward social and environmental projects

About the Customer(s): AquaBotanical Water is the world’s first plant-sourced pure drinking water, made from 100% fruit and vegetables. Pure and refreshing water from a new sustainable and renewable source.

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