Victoria, AUS

Victoria, AUS

Project Launch Date: September 2020

Project Location: Echuca, Victoria, AUS



Processor: Kagome Australia

Crop(s): Tomatoes, Carrots and Apples

Harvesting Season Duration: February – April (90 days)

Volume of Potable Water Created / Available: 25 million litres

About the Processor: Kagome Australia is the country’s largest tomato processing company, delivering high quality tomato-based products since 1996. They are proud to grow, harvest and process their own tomatoes in sunny Echuca. Today, they also process apple, pear, beetroot and carrot. Working closely with growers, producers and consumers to deliver a value-added product – true to flavour and in tune with nature – to Australia and the world.



Customers: AquaBotanical Water

Positive Water Impact: Ingredient and Impact


Commercial Benefits:

- Business diversification – adding to the bottom line when crops are affected

- Opportunity to make use of evaporative condensate by-product, which comes at an expense to the business

- Reputationally valuable as local communities are affected by drought and mining

- Opportunity to contribute toward social and environmental projects


About the Customer(s): AquaBotanical Water is the world’s first plant-sourced pure drinking water, made from 100% fruit and vegetables. Pure and refreshing water from a new sustainable and renewable source.

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